There’s so much huff and puff lately about “government wire-taps”. So many people are freaking out about the erosion of civil liberties or discussing how it’s simply “illegal”. Well the facts remain:

  1. Any evidence found in a tapped call where there was no warrant is not admissible as evidence in a court of law. This means if someone does admit to committing a crime, they can’t be charged with that being used as evidence.
  2. People are losing their minds worrying that their weekend phone call to Granny or another call to the local red press is going to put them on a government watch list. Watching for what? We survived McCarthyism. We haven’t forgot it and it’s unlikely to happen again.
  3. Since instituting these measures, there hasn’t been another large-scale terrorist attack on US soil. There have been attempts. Does this add up in a mind other than my own?

I see a great deal of corruption in our world but I’d much rather see people screaming for patent reform in the US than worrying about whether the government knew that I called my sister the other day. Speaking of that, I should call my sister.