Network Neutrality

CNN has published two competing commentaries regarding “Net Neutrality”. The first one argues that this debate comes from telecom companies wanting to squeeze companies for more money. The second commentary argues that the Internet is in need of upgrades and that this bill should be footed by the companies that use it. It should be no surprise that I agree with the first commentary. The Internet is a scientific creation. Science is built on fact and not speculation. Here are…

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Telcos huff and puff

Recently the CEO of BellSouth made some rather strong comments regarding data flowing over the Internet. To summarize, he said that companies are using their data lines to send people information and they aren’t paying for it. (For more details, look at this article.) I know many people don’t think about the money that funds Internet operations but lets put it together, shall we? 1) The end user (or company) pays an ISP for a data line. You do NOT…

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